We are very grateful to our supporters who come in the form of individuals who give of their time, and energy and many local churches, some with no denominational ties.

Renew Doncaster Limited works closely in partnership with a number of local organisations to gain the referrals of people in need of our housing and also to meet the support needs of our residents.

We are also a partner of Green Pastures. Green Pastures is a national Christian social enterprise that releases Churches (& Christian Charities) to end homelessness in their locality. Through their network of over 50 partners they house, care and provide support for over 940 people.  Each partner houses the homeless in properties that they identify and Green Pastures purchase for them.

We are thankful to all our partners and open to working with others, so please get in touch if you feel we could be working together.

Recent Funders

Many local churches and wonderful individuals who give regularly or occasionally to our work.

Most of the funding we seek is to pay for house running costs and travel for residents to get to important appointments and providing opportunities for residents to engage in activities that will help them progress in their lives towards independent and sustainable living.

Our current and recent funders include: