Our Story

Our Story

Renew Doncaster Limited is a local Christian charity working with the homeless, who are some of the most vulnerable people in society. We are seeking to buy a three bedroomed house by spring of 2019 which will accommodate 3 people and further houses over the next 3 years.  As well as buying a home(s) for the homeless we will provide day to day, one-to-one support, helping them access support from a variety of sources which we will signpost. Empowering & equipping them to move beyond the point of crisis or need, taking the critical steps from dependence to independence. An individual support plan is developed, where goals are set and the person supported to take their next steps in achieving those goals to ultimately achieve independent living. Renew Doncaster seeks to give back peoples dignity, sense of purpose and shows the love of God in very real and practical ways.  A Hand Up rather than a Hand Out.

Bringing People Together

Renew Doncaster is unable to achieve these aims without its many volunteers. By bringing together staff and volunteers from all walks of life and employing the services of local professionals, we assist people in the achievement of independent living. Our volunteers offer encouragement and support to our residents with whom we meet on a regular basis helping them find purpose, and helping them make the best use of all their skills and talents.

Our volunteers range from those who have over nearly 27 years’ experience organising and running a breakfast drop-in for homeless people. One of our directors is working closely with St Leger Homes (DMBC) and Riverside’s Homeless Floating Support and Outreach Services to set up a weekly drop-in to provide showers, clothing and an information centre to help clients to move on. Others volunteers have very little or no experience. We are sure you fit in-between these two!

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